Sunday, 24 April 2016

Gmail attachments

What is email attachments?
Email attachments are files that you can send along with the main content. You can attach almost any type of file to an email, including but not limited to text and PDF documents, spreadsheets, images, audio and video. Virtually all email services, it has a limit on the size of attachments and Gmail is very wide here. You can attach up to 20 MB of files with and an email message.
Attach files to emails in Gmail
Gmail's interface is very simple, even for beginners to use can also view and identify, to attach a file to an email. In the window "Compose Mail", you will see a small paperclip icon with a link "Attach a file" as soon as the email subject line - you can refer to the image below.

Please click on the link and then you press the button "Choose File". then it will open up for you a pop-up then it will allow you to navigate the hard disk of your computer - then it will move to the folder containing the files you want to attach . Please double click on the file or select it and click the "Open" button (on Windows Vista). This will close the pop-up and sending the files to your Gmail account will be attached to the email. Please understand that the time to be able to send files that are transferred from your computer to Gmail's servers that you want to send, it will depend on the speed of your internet access and the size of the file as how. Clearly, if on a slow connection, but your file is too large, it can take a long period to be able to download that file should be.

If you do not download the files that are 20MB Gmail Gmail allows limit allows, you can add other files loaded ... In fact, if you're on an Internet connection that it was too weak, but in then you want to attach a large file, I would advise you that you should not wait for each file uploaded and attached to the email do anything. You just select the attachments one by one - then you can write your email message when the file is transferred and attached one by one -it will help you save more time.
This way, when a file is successfully uploaded and attached to the email message it will open a small box in front of its name. This will allow you to select the files in case you want to remove it from the list attached.
Attach a file that is larger than the 20MB limit Gmail
As we said at the beginning, Gmail has a 20MB limit on the size of email attachments. So how do you send a file that is over 20MB in Gmail? There are two ways to go about this.
First, I suggest to you that should use a compression program (also known as a compression program) to reduce the size of files, especially when the file is just a little above 20MB. Generally when word processing, spreadsheets and PDF files it can take a lot of flab when compressed. Compressed file that is a little more than 20MB will probably bring the file size below the maximum value. However, the zip program is not very effective on the image files, music or video. You make sure that the recipient has the necessary compression program that can "unzip" the attached file and run the file view.
The second method is that you can share files. The split your large files on the volume manager that is less than 20MB works very well. In this case too, the recipient must also split the program to get the files back together as a whole. Another problem here is with the file splitting is if you forget to send even partially, it will also most recipients can not do anything until he lost re-submit.
See email attachments in Gmail
In Gmail, attach images are displayed as thumbnails with links next to each other two - Watch and Download. You try clicking on the View so that it can show off to your full-size image in a new browser window or a new browser tab. Microsoft Word (including the latest docx files) can be converted to HTML format using Gmail so you can read online (no need to download) and other types of email attachments such as PDF and text files can be viewed through Google Docs.

Download attachments Gmail
You can upload Gmail attachments or one or all together. Click the Download link next to the email attachments will download only that file. Download all attachments link found just under the actual email messages just prior lists and email attachments.
Depending on which browser you are working on, or as email attachments to be downloaded to a specified folder (download folder in the browser settings) or the program will let you choose where to save minus.
Email attachments are not allowed in Gmail
Google wants to keep its Gmail service clean and tidy. executables, those with an .exe file extension is not allowed to attach - ever! You can not fool Gmail by running a batch file and then attach it. So if you need to send such files, burn it to a CD / DVD drive and go to the nearest post office or download them onto your web server.
Attach the dangerous executable files to recipients that they likely can contain viruses that can cause significant damage and loss of data.


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