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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to prevent Gmail the default display?

Google has changed the way the display of Gmail, but you can install reverse blocking image that is displayed on your Gmail, please follow the instructions below our.
Currently, Gmail is the default display. You will no longer see above each letter to the words "can not display images" included a link to display it, or many other images. Google will use the company's proxy servers to send images instead of sending them directly from the server hosting the outside of the image, this will help you protect yourself from the eavesdroppers - spammers, marketing, and other similar guys - who are trying to get information about you through an attached image or server storage and image.

Although proxy server helps Google display safely but still do not want Gmail users that displays images in their messages to each when they are experiencing slow connections or high-capacity data series . Thankfully, you can reinstall the old ways - install Google will ask your opinion before displaying an image. Simple installation steps are as follows: In Settings (Settings) of Gmail, on the "General" tab (General), at the headline "External content" (External content), click option "Ask before displaying external content ".

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Recovering deleted Gmail messages in just 3 steps

Maybe in time you use Gmail, you accidentally delete the wrong email is important and then you're taking them. But are you still "disturbed" is whether it is possible to regain all or not? The answer is yes. But on the condition that those emails are saved in the trash must not exceed 30 days. To restore them, you do the following.

Step 1: Create the main interface of Gmail, click More> Trash in the left column, this is the place to store your email deleted within 30 days.

Step 2: You check into the email that you want to restore (can select multiple e-mail)

Step 3: Next, looking to hover over the icon and select Move to Inbox in the drop down box.

And as if the fins are key messages that you restore is already in the Inbox. From now on, you can easily undelete deleted his letter that, as long as still within the time allowed (no more than 30 days).

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PC remote control by ... Gmail

If you install the application, you can sRemote ordered off the computer, taking screenshots, copy the data remotely by sending an email to a Gmail address has been preset.
Step 1: Please download and install the application sRemote here (only 37 KB size, compatible with all Windows). First boot, you set the password for the application and click Proceed.

Step 2: Create your main interface that you select Gmail settings, and fill in your address and password that corresponds to your Gmail account is responsible for receiving this Monitor Section Gmail account. Continue filling Gmail address to receive returns results in Section Reply to this Gmail account. Finished, click Save, and then the program will automatically restart for you

Step 3: You set the time interval between receiving the command (in seconds) in Section Monitor print (sec). Button1 button, clicking the Start button, and Hide to shrink Monitoring program interface to the system tray.

Step 4: From now on, whenever you want to control a remote computer, you can simply send an email to the address receiving (step 2), immediately you will get results corresponding returns were Gmail addresses declared earlier. Ordered the following syntax:

password(); command ();

In it, the password () is the password that you set up in the first launch the program and command () is one of the following commands:

screenshot (): capture the current screen image.

shutdown (): turn off the computer altogether.

logoff (): switch off the current session.

copy (oldpath, Newpath): copy files from the old folder (oldpath) to the new directory (Newpath).

Example: The password is 3456789, address is command, address is results. Want to capture the current screen image, type syntax 3456789 (); screenshot (); then x you haygui address. And then you check mailbox, you will see a new message containing the image screen interface.

Note: You can send mail to any commands from any address (provided that sent to the correct address command) but can only get the results returned from the email that was declared in the Reply to this Gmail account (Step 2).

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Google SMS service

And now you can send SMS messages from your Gmail account, you can send it directly to mobile phones. At the time of writing, it is available only for US phones. SMS is a Gmail Labs feature, and before you use it you need to activate.
Please click on the Settings link (top right), and scroll to the Labs tab. Then you will see "Text messages (SMS) in the Chat" (developed by Matt H. and Mark G.) way down the page to start moving. Select the Enable button and save the changes. Your Gmail account will be loaded again with Labs feature enabled.

Want to know how you can send SMS messages from Gmail?

 Actually this is a very simple step for you. Move your mouse cursor over a contact in the Chat window. Click the More (with an arrow pointing down to a little green) and you select the Send SMS. Now you enter a mobile phone number. The small chat window is given - you will find it in the lower right corner that you type SMS.
Please note that your contacts will be able to be charged for receiving SMS so I advise you not to go overboard.
SMS sent from Gmail chat will come from a 406 area code number (US). The recipient can use it to send a reply to it to be moved to the Gmail server so that it can go to your chat window. Send and receive messages from different contacts will use different 406 number. However, a message from a contact will always use the same number. This means that your contacts are assigned individual numbers and thus you can bookmark it in your phone.
The recipient can also choose to stop receiving SMS by answering Gmail with BLOCK from. If you decide not to receive messages via Gmail from any of your friends, you can reply with STOP.

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Gmail attachments

What is email attachments?
Email attachments are files that you can send along with the main content. You can attach almost any type of file to an email, including but not limited to text and PDF documents, spreadsheets, images, audio and video. Virtually all email services, it has a limit on the size of attachments and Gmail is very wide here. You can attach up to 20 MB of files with and an email message.
Attach files to emails in Gmail
Gmail's interface is very simple, even for beginners to use can also view and identify, to attach a file to an email. In the window "Compose Mail", you will see a small paperclip icon with a link "Attach a file" as soon as the email subject line - you can refer to the image below.

Please click on the link and then you press the button "Choose File". then it will open up for you a pop-up then it will allow you to navigate the hard disk of your computer - then it will move to the folder containing the files you want to attach . Please double click on the file or select it and click the "Open" button (on Windows Vista). This will close the pop-up and sending the files to your Gmail account will be attached to the email. Please understand that the time to be able to send files that are transferred from your computer to Gmail's servers that you want to send, it will depend on the speed of your internet access and the size of the file as how. Clearly, if on a slow connection, but your file is too large, it can take a long period to be able to download that file should be.

If you do not download the files that are 20MB Gmail Gmail allows limit allows, you can add other files loaded ... In fact, if you're on an Internet connection that it was too weak, but in then you want to attach a large file, I would advise you that you should not wait for each file uploaded and attached to the email do anything. You just select the attachments one by one - then you can write your email message when the file is transferred and attached one by one -it will help you save more time.
This way, when a file is successfully uploaded and attached to the email message it will open a small box in front of its name. This will allow you to select the files in case you want to remove it from the list attached.
Attach a file that is larger than the 20MB limit Gmail
As we said at the beginning, Gmail has a 20MB limit on the size of email attachments. So how do you send a file that is over 20MB in Gmail? There are two ways to go about this.
First, I suggest to you that should use a compression program (also known as a compression program) to reduce the size of files, especially when the file is just a little above 20MB. Generally when word processing, spreadsheets and PDF files it can take a lot of flab when compressed. Compressed file that is a little more than 20MB will probably bring the file size below the maximum value. However, the zip program is not very effective on the image files, music or video. You make sure that the recipient has the necessary compression program that can "unzip" the attached file and run the file view.
The second method is that you can share files. The split your large files on the volume manager that is less than 20MB works very well. In this case too, the recipient must also split the program to get the files back together as a whole. Another problem here is with the file splitting is if you forget to send even partially, it will also most recipients can not do anything until he lost re-submit.
See email attachments in Gmail
In Gmail, attach images are displayed as thumbnails with links next to each other two - Watch and Download. You try clicking on the View so that it can show off to your full-size image in a new browser window or a new browser tab. Microsoft Word (including the latest docx files) can be converted to HTML format using Gmail so you can read online (no need to download) and other types of email attachments such as PDF and text files can be viewed through Google Docs.

Download attachments Gmail
You can upload Gmail attachments or one or all together. Click the Download link next to the email attachments will download only that file. Download all attachments link found just under the actual email messages just prior lists and email attachments.
Depending on which browser you are working on, or as email attachments to be downloaded to a specified folder (download folder in the browser settings) or the program will let you choose where to save minus.
Email attachments are not allowed in Gmail
Google wants to keep its Gmail service clean and tidy. executables, those with an .exe file extension is not allowed to attach - ever! You can not fool Gmail by running a batch file and then attach it. So if you need to send such files, burn it to a CD / DVD drive and go to the nearest post office or download them onto your web server.
Attach the dangerous executable files to recipients that they likely can contain viruses that can cause significant damage and loss of data.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Send a Gmail email - how to create and send an email message

This article is of a beginner, in which I provide detailed instructions on how to send Gmail email - composing and sending a message from your account. First, if you do not have a Gmail account, please refer to how to create a Gmail address. At the time of writing, Google offers more than 7GB of storage space Gmail with numerous amazing features. You can identify these gradual because the most important thing to know is how to send email from your account.
The Gmail interface is simple and intuitive, and there's a reason why it is like that - so beginners like you do not feel overwhelmed by the features / options and can get down to work quickly. In this way, we have to use the standard (new) version to email Gmail. If you find the screenshots and various images from your layout, maybe you're using an older version. You can switch between the two versions of Gmail with a single click.
Compose a new email message in Gmail
And right now you'll see an online form (email component) with three different fields. Greatest ideal, to send emails to Gmail, you need to provide at least 3 information - email address of the recipient, email subject, and email / message. So, here's what you need to know?

Email address of recipients

The address of the recipient is the most important item for sending mail to a person, and sending mail that it was like his work đy write, and you also need the address of that person ... and mail too when you need to send a message you need to have clear visible addresses of people you need to send.

Tilte Email

And this is the line you want to write something you want, you can empty it, it's like email subject is a one-liner describing what you are writing about it. It does not need to be very long; you are just a few brief words would be better

The emails contain - information

The main e-mail messages going in the big box. You can write as much as you want and we will also look up an email message and continue later if you need to abandon it in the middle.

And then you finished writing, you want to send to someone, you first

 enter the recipient's email address in the To :. This way, you can send Gmail email with more than one recipient; or more recipients, if you want to send to multiple recipients, the first time you enter the email addresses of all the people you want to send đy the right thing to do is enter your email address complement each other separated comma. You can also send an email to many Cc and Bcc through Gmail. Now type in the email subject line. And finally to the third area in which you have to write the actual message.

Plain text or rich-text email

Gmail lets you compose email and two kinds of rich text documents -plain. And the difference is what you ask?
As the name they give us to see that the simple email text without any formatting at all, which means that the default text will be the default black and white letters. I think you can know the difference better when we compare it with the rich text email messages.
With rich text messages you can create your email messages with different fonts in different colors and different sizes according to your wishes, web links, emoticons , links and more. For more details, refer to the tips on how to write a Gmail e-mail with text rich. But this is only a summary of them anyway because we do not want to lose track of our topic at hand, right?
Immediately above the text box where you type in your email is what I like to call "bar" format - see the image below. It has a button / icon and you can understand what each one does, if you move the mouse cursor over it. If you do not see this toolbar, you can use the old version of Gmail from yesterday - so you should switch to the version of Gmail to read for more than

This is some text formatting that I often use include:

  • text in bold and / or italic
  • change font size and font style
  • add color to add rich text and
  • Text Highlights
  • includes a web link (URL), emoticons
  • add list format - ordered or unordered (bulleted)
If you are writing a long e-mail text (all of us to write a few of our life) and you have not yet finished, but then you have to run out for an errand, you can save it ( the "Save" button is at the top and bottom) and then it will be automatically sent to the folders "draft" Page.And until you're done and be back before your computer, go to the folder draft, click the email message and continue your efforts. FYI, Gmail will automatically save the email message you are composing so you do not lose what you have written - can be really frustrating if you've ever gone through this ordeal.

Send the Gmail email... quickly

When you have finished writing your email then you click the Send button and the email that will be arriving mail that you are sending. When you send a Gmail e-mail, a copy is placed in the folder Send Mail to reference in your future. This is really useful sometimes you need to dig out old letters or forward / resend the message. And I hope you check your email for spelling errors using the spell check Gmail; if not, there is always next time .

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

How to Unsend an Email

Have you ever regretted an email immediately after you sent it? Do you wish you had the ability unsend a message? It is not just a high-tech image: After nearly five years in Google Labs beta testers, Gmail this week officially launched a new feature called Undo Send. When enabled, it will allow you a short time window that you can successfully withdraw your message before it reaches its final destination.

The new feature is making big waves on Googleverse, but did you know that Gmail is not the only application that allows your mail email unsend? In fact, there are some different iOS and Android programs and web services that add a button to provide unsend your existing email, even if it's not Google. Consider some of the best options we have unsending found below - the right one can help you save a lot of
Google Gmail Undo Send

When Gmail's Undo Send has been used in trials in recent times (briefly recently been discussing it in 2011 article titled 10 Tips of us talk about the good things of gmail, and now it has become an official part of the internet service. it is run by keeping your emails get in limbo for a few minutes after you click send, it will give you a time to change your mind before pressing send it. you can choose the time emails are organized periodically for - 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

Before you use applications to Undo Send, however, you need to tell Google so that it can activate the feature on your Gmail account. This you can be done by entering your Gmail Settings (gear icon it). Please Select Settings from the menu, then press to select the General tab. Scroll down and click the checkbox next to "Enable Undo Send."

Let's Set the timer expiration time for anything let it get the most favorable to you,
You remember, Gmail Undo Send will not go into someone else's mailbox for you to scrub them, it merely delays sending all your email away. So you have to be aware that the activation of the feature will add a short delay to provide all your contact information Dy. Several high priority mail, but still something to keep in your thoughts, and most especially when comparing Gmail Undo Send against the other options available.


You see the necessity of a large Gmail app only unsend than 30 seconds? If so you go to check out the Safari browser extensions and new Chrome Cryptext. It will allow you to mix the contents of any Gmail message whenever, after you have sent the message. It also does not matter if your message has been sitting in your inbox others all week - if it has not been read yet, Cryptext can guarantee it will never be. Criptext also lets you create self-destruction that deleted emails themselves if not read in a timely manner.
Criptex are works by converting the text of your emails to an image file, is sent to the recipient instead. You can not pull all the email - your recipient will always know that you have sent a - but you can have Criptext delete the image files are created or any included attachments. Version free use of our service also adds some colorful ad for Criptext for all your email, so be aware of that.
You can get extensions for your browser Criptext by visiting The extension is available for Chrome and Safari, and Firefox support is coming fast Outlook is a service provided in the email, as Criptext, switch the communication is based on your documents into images so that later they may be taken away. But it's not like Criptext, not only works with Gmail - it also interacts with most suppliers. Email can be sent through panel, or you can set for your customer's existing email (AOL, Outlook, etc.) to be able to use alternative servers for it

The biggest disadvantage is that a service extremely new - so new that its web version lacks basic features like BCC important and attachments. Unsending email and still get results it received a blank email, like with Criptext. It's not a big problem for many people, but is not prepared to explain why you are sending a blank email to communicate.

Looking for a more professional way to embrace undo send? Take a look at Virtru. It’s an email add-on that allows you to lock files and messages with strong encryption, allowing them to only be accessed by their intended recipient. That’s because recipients need to verify their identity before they can read your email. It’s this added verification step that gives Virtru users the ability to delete email contents before they’re read.

Virtru is well-designed, but its unsend feature is not free to use. It can only be accessed through a $2.50 per month subscription to Virtru. Fortunately, though, the company offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test the service out before shelling out the cash for it.