Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to prevent Gmail the default display?

Google has changed the way the display of Gmail, but you can install reverse blocking image that is displayed on your Gmail, please follow the instructions below our.
Currently, Gmail is the default display. You will no longer see above each letter to the words "can not display images" included a link to display it, or many other images. Google will use the company's proxy servers to send images instead of sending them directly from the server hosting the outside of the image, this will help you protect yourself from the eavesdroppers - spammers, marketing, and other similar guys - who are trying to get information about you through an attached image or server storage and image.

Although proxy server helps Google display safely but still do not want Gmail users that displays images in their messages to each when they are experiencing slow connections or high-capacity data series . Thankfully, you can reinstall the old ways - install Google will ask your opinion before displaying an image. Simple installation steps are as follows: In Settings (Settings) of Gmail, on the "General" tab (General), at the headline "External content" (External content), click option "Ask before displaying external content ".

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