Wednesday, 27 April 2016

PC remote control by ... Gmail

If you install the application, you can sRemote ordered off the computer, taking screenshots, copy the data remotely by sending an email to a Gmail address has been preset.
Step 1: Please download and install the application sRemote here (only 37 KB size, compatible with all Windows). First boot, you set the password for the application and click Proceed.

Step 2: Create your main interface that you select Gmail settings, and fill in your address and password that corresponds to your Gmail account is responsible for receiving this Monitor Section Gmail account. Continue filling Gmail address to receive returns results in Section Reply to this Gmail account. Finished, click Save, and then the program will automatically restart for you

Step 3: You set the time interval between receiving the command (in seconds) in Section Monitor print (sec). Button1 button, clicking the Start button, and Hide to shrink Monitoring program interface to the system tray.

Step 4: From now on, whenever you want to control a remote computer, you can simply send an email to the address receiving (step 2), immediately you will get results corresponding returns were Gmail addresses declared earlier. Ordered the following syntax:

password(); command ();

In it, the password () is the password that you set up in the first launch the program and command () is one of the following commands:

screenshot (): capture the current screen image.

shutdown (): turn off the computer altogether.

logoff (): switch off the current session.

copy (oldpath, Newpath): copy files from the old folder (oldpath) to the new directory (Newpath).

Example: The password is 3456789, address is command, address is results. Want to capture the current screen image, type syntax 3456789 (); screenshot (); then x you haygui address. And then you check mailbox, you will see a new message containing the image screen interface.

Note: You can send mail to any commands from any address (provided that sent to the correct address command) but can only get the results returned from the email that was declared in the Reply to this Gmail account (Step 2).

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