Thursday, 2 June 2016


Here we will introduce you to all the readers how to get Gmail on your phone.
But you follow the following steps.
Download Gmail Mobile

1 . Touch the Play Store on your mobile phone and search the Gmail app by entering text in the search box.

2. As soon as you enter the search option, type in Gmail.

3. Tap Enable and click Open.

4. The Gmail app is downloaded to your mobile phone.

Sign in to Gmail Mobile.

1. To log in to Gmail on your mobile phone, click on the Gmail icon on your mobile phone. Click here if instead you want to log in to Gmail on the desktop. The Add a Google account screen is displayed.

2. If you want to create a new account, click New. If you want to log in, click Current. The Login screen will be displayed.

3. Enter your user name in the Name text entry box.
4. Enter the password in the Password text entry box.
5. Click Next (). The confirmation message will be displayed.

6. Click OK. Gmail will start to log on. You will be logged into your Gmail account.

7. Click Sync now. The Gmail inbox page will be displayed.

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