Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Add Your Gmail, Contacts, and Google Calendar to Your iPhone or iPad

With the current generation iPhone and Gmail is the trend most frequently used on Earth. If you are a person who is using the phone Iphone that you want to get all the email, contacts, and history are stored in your Gmail account that you want to add it to your iPhone, then it is easy for you.
Here would be the way that we want to recommend to you the way below to add Gmail to your Iphone.

 Add Gmail, your Contacts, and Calendar for iOS: When you add your Google account settings in iOS, it shows up in the iOS Mail, Contacts, and Calendar applications.

To be able to add your Gmail account on the iPhone, and the contacts and the calendar associated with that account,, First you click the "Settings" icon on your home screen as photos in Under.

On the Settings screen, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

The Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen lists all the Accounts you’ve already added to your phone. To add your Google account, tap “Add Account”.

On the Add Account screen, tap “Google”.

Enter your full Gmail address under “Enter your email” and then tap “Next”.

Enter the password for your Google account and tap “Next”.

The Gmail screen displays for your account listing the four iOS apps you can enable for your Google account. Mail is enabled by default, allowing you to check your Gmail account in the Mail app. (If you plan on downloading the official Gmail app, however, you can turn this off if you want, and just enable Contacts and Calendars.)

To sync the contacts from your Google account to your iPhone, tap the “Contacts” slider button.

The Contacts slider button turns green to indicate contacts from your Google account will be added to your phone. If you had already created some contacts on your phone before adding your Gmail account, a message displays asking you if you want to keep the existing local contacts on your phone or delete them. To keep these contacts, tap “Keep on My iPhone”. You may end up with duplicate contacts, though, so you may have to go delete some of the contacts that were stored on your iPhone.

To sync items from calendars in your Google account, tap the “Calendars” slider button so it turns green. Again, if you created calendar items on your phone before adding your Google account, a message displays asking if you want to keep those entries. Tap either “Keep on My iPhone” or “Delete”, just like you did for your contacts.

 You can also sync notes in the Notes app with your Gmail account, by tapping the “Notes” slider button. Once you’ve chosen the apps you want to enable for your Google account, tap “Save”.

 Your Google account now displays in the list of Accounts and the apps you chose to enable for that account are listed below the account name. However, you may want a more descriptive name than “Gmail” to label your account, especially if you plan to add other Gmail accounts to your phone. To change the name of your Google account, tap on the current account name.

Then, tap “Account” under Gmail.

 Tap in the “Description” field and type the description you want to use for this account. Then, tap “Done”.

The new name displays on your Google account in the list of Accounts.

Now, all your contacts from your Google account are available in the Contacts app.

Your calendar items from your Google account are available in the Calendar app.

And finally, the email from your Gmail account is available in the Mail app.

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