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Friday, 27 May 2016

Gmail Sign In: How to securely login to Gmail

Here's our article will help you register and create a Google account to Gmail safely.

Gmail Register
To register and create an account please log on wed. Click on Create an account.

Fill in the required details, accept the terms and click Create my account. Create a new Google Account will give you access to Gmail and all other Google services.

Gmail Login
There are two ways to log into your Gmail account. One is through the web interface, and the other through a desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or even Windows Live Mail.

You can use mail forwarding feature in Settings by clicking on the Forwarding and POP / IMAP and configure it.

Recover password and username Gmail
During login, if you find that you've forgotten your name goes here; If you forget your password, go here to recover them.

Gmail login account more
You can log in to more than one Gmail account simultaneously. You can read more about that here at TWC.

Looking for a desktop application to keep in touch with your multiple Gmail accounts?

Try Gmail Notifier to keep a check multiple Gmail accounts.

Gmail Login security tips
It goes without saying that since your email account contains lots of important emails, personal data, sensitive business information, etc., so it is imperative that you do not use Gmail's Log In the process you randomly.

First, use a strong password. Do not find out what is considered a strong password, and how to create strong passwords.

It is recommended that you do not participate in advanced security feature called 2-step verification which makes your Google account safer significantly by helping to verify that you are the real owner your account

You'll find it under the Account Overview> Security> Using 2-step verification
Last but not least - it's a good idea to use the preferred URL to log into an account that is

5 great Chrome extension that complements good Gmail

Below we will recommend to you under the extension Chrome 5 Great that it complements good Gmail.

These extensions will protect you, help you save time, make your life easier. Install every now and learn about them later. Believe me, you will love them!

There are some other Chrome extension for Gmail. Check back to see what they bring out next. Google Labs is always working on something, and Chrome and Gmail are two of their biggest products. There certainly will be more innovations in the future.

Activities for Gmail

interactive interface of Gmail forces you click or open an e-mail before you can do anything with it. That seems not too bad, but if you have to do that many times it can add up to a lot of time that could be used more effectively.

Activities for Gmail add a maximum of four action buttons next to each message in your Gmail interface.

This compact extended offer you the option of adding a maximum of 4 buttons - archive, delete, mark as spam, or marked as read / unread - next to each email in your Gmail inbox, allows you to take care of it with just a single click. The end result is a faster path to take care of your mail.

This extension saves you trouble, clicks, and confusion. Install it now.

Attachment icons for Gmail

We all know the little paperclip icon next to the email message. It will tell you that there is an attachment, but it will not tell you what type of attachment. So you've got to go to the trouble of opening every single e-mail so you can only see what the attachment, but you may not want to have a look at the files now both at particular times.

Gmail attachments for variable paper clips on various icons corresponding to different file types.

Attachment icons for Gmail turns paper clip into an icon corresponding to a specific file type, so you can learn quickly what the attachment. You can quickly determine when you brush attachments through Gmail and open the e-mail address that you want to download instantly. Some file formats it supports include ZIP, JPG, PDF, MS Word, among many others.

No one has time to penetrate into every email and look at what the attachment. For those who get a lot of attachments it just is not acceptable. If you work in the media or advertising, or some other areas where you are sending multiple attachments, this expansion is a lifesaver.

Checker Plus for Gmail

expand widely used that will help you handle email that never went into Gmail. It sits in your browser as a small button with an indicator of unread messages. Just click on it for a small window that allows you to get a peep at each new message, including the sender's picture and the first line of the message. You can then open, mark as read, or trash the right message in the interface. It saves you a lot of trouble and difficulties. If you hate to go to Gmail, then this is the extension for you.

Checker Plus allows you to take care of the email without ever going into Gmail.

If you are too busy browsing to consider the counter goes up, Checker Plus also informed on the desktop include a pop-up, a warning sound, or voice notifications.

Secure mail for Gmail

Security is a very precious commodity, and it is lacking in today's surveillance society. With all companies track you on the web and your own government data collected in large numbers, people are more interested than ever in an extension can encrypt their email.

If you frequently send important documents in Gmail, you've got to get this extension. It encrypts and decrypts the message to people you send it to is the only one that saw the text message. Just click the secure lock icon next to Mail file with Gmail's compose button and then type it out and think of a password for it. To decrypt the message, the recipient is notified will have to obtain a safety extensions, as well as a password.

Safety Mai l ensure only the recipient can decrypt the contents of the email message.

Basically, it is an extension to message security, encryption via Gmail. You do not want people snooping on your email if it is especially sensitive data. This is to ensure that others will not be peeking in on your important email.

It all happens right on your computer, and the unencrypted text will never be sent to Google. This is useful if you do not want anyone but the intended target never read your email (eg, companies, government, etc.).

KeyRocket for Gmail

Gmail has a lot of shortcuts to improve your productivity. However, keeping up with them all the difficulties and try to remember we are just going to slow you down.

KeyRocket for Gmail will help you learn the shortcut by tracking the movement of your keyboard and offers suggestions for each shortcut key combination of mouse actions. If you use it enough, you'll have a pretty fast typing master!

KeyRocket for Gmail is the fastest easiest way to learn the shortcuts to Gmail. Basically, it lets you know when you should use a keyboard shortcut instead.

Gmail has a number of keyboard shortcuts, and it's just hard to keep up with it all. KeyRocket help you learn them as you go.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Tips for creating a strong password Gmail

Whether you use Gmail or a certain account, you should use a strong password to others it's hard to recognize your password, so that it may be safer for you
And here's our advice about Gmail password strength.
Gmail is a portal into your life. This is where the financial statements, correspondence with friends and family, and other important email is sent to you daily. When you open a Gmail account, you are responsible for choosing a secure password Gmail, powerful but not easily broken. If you've done something silly, such as using your name as your password, it is too easy for others to gain access to your account.

The following tips will allow you to create a strong password that is not easy to Gmail fooled.

1 Use a mix of numbers, letters and special characters

Google uses a case-sensitive password. This means that an uppercase letter must be entered as an uppercase and lowercase is a lowercase. For example, "password" is not like "password" when logging into Gmail. The mail service also allows letters and special characters or symbols used.
When creating a password, you will want to do the following:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase.
  • Use numbers.
  • Use the icons.

Ideally, you will not only put the figure at the end of your password. Users often place their birthday at the end, which is so common and predictable.

An example of a weak password would be: johndoe1982.

An example of a strong password would be: JoHn19 @ Doe # $ 82

While you should always leave personal information when creating a password, for example, strong passwords would still be difficult to guess on.

2. Create a unique password

Not only password you need to be extended, but you need to create a unique password. This means that the password you select should not be used on any of your other accounts. If you use the same password for banking, email and forums, you can easier to be attacked like that.
Google Dịch dành cho doanh nghiệp:Bộ công cụ DịchTrình biên dịch Trang webGlobal Market Finder

3. Change your password frequently

It is recommended that you never hold the same Gmail password too long. If there has been some kind of data breach, it will be quite some time before your account will be accessed. Ideally, you should change your password regularly in an effort to prevent unauthorized access occurs. A rule of thumb is to change your password once from 3 to 6 months.

4. Create a long password

Users will want to create long passwords. It is extremely difficult to guess the password 12 characters over a 6-character password. When creating your password, try to choose a password that is at least 8 characters with 12 + characters is an ideal choice.

5. Using LastPass

If you are the type who frequently forget their password or want an easier way to organize their password, LastPass is a great choice. This free program will not only store your passwords, but it comes with a password generator highly optimized.

Most of the generators is that you can choose:

  1. add icons
  2. Add number
  3. Use uppercase and lowercase
  4. The length of your password

LastPass will remember any password changes you make and can be turned off if necessary.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to import emails to Gmail

Enter an email from another provider

If you are switching email providers, you can easily import your email contacts and your old Gmail. You can also ensure that the new e-mail will be forwarded to your Gmail account in a month, which will give you time to let your contacts know that you've changed your email address .

Here's how to start:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click the gear in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Accounts and Import.
  4. Select Import mail and Contacts. If you do not see this option, school work or administrator may have disabled the option to enter the e-mail.
  5. Fill in the necessary information for your old account. Choose what you want to enter.
  6. Click Start Import.

Once you have chosen to start the import, check to ensure that the import has started. You might see a message indicating that your account requires additional confirmation. If so, you'll need to click Proceed and follow the instructions to verify your account.

Any new messages sent to your old email accounts will automatically be forwarded to Gmail for 30 days. All enter your email will be found in your inbox. A folder is created on your old account can also be viewed by clicking on the arrow next to your old address

Old letters and enter new forwarding Gmail messages

If you want to import old mail and forwarding mail to Gmail, you can do so easily. Gmail will import all the messages, and then continue forward new messages to your account. You can choose to add up to five accounts.

In order for this option to work, your email provider to offer POP3 access. Please note that this option will not automatically import your contacts, so you will need to enter separately.

Imports from other Gmail Account

To import old mail from another Gmail account:

  • Log into your Gmail account you want to import email from.
  • Click the gear in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click the Forwarding and POP / IMAP.
  • POP Download section Search, and select Enable POP for all mail.
  • Find menu labeled When messages are accessed with POP. Choose what you want to do with these messages. We recommend you choose to keep a copy of the mail in the Gmail inbox.
  • Click Save Changes.


  1. Log into your Gmail account you want to import your mail.
  2. Click the gear in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Accounts and Import.
  5. Select Add a POP3 mail account.
  6. Enter the address of the account you want to import from.
  7. Click Next Step.
  8. Enter your password.
  9. Select your desired settings.
  10. Click Add Account.

Once set, Gmail will automatically check your other accounts for new messages. Under the Accounts and Import tab, you can see when your other account was last checked.
If you want to import messages from other vendors, you will follow the same steps above.
If you want to stop importing mail, simply return to the Accounts and Import section, and delete your account under section Check mail.

Enter your email to Gmail is very simple and easy to understand. Just follow the steps above to enter the mail not only old, but the new move in 30 days.

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Check mail with Gmail own domain name instead of Outlook Express

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Check mail with Gmail own domain name instead of Outlook Express

Now you can replace the testing tool (check) usually used as Outlook Express mail in 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2003 or by using webmail pop3 and smtp settings directly on Google's Gmail service more professional with the ability rooms anti-spam, account security possible.

Add your own domain mail account to Gmail
First you need to have an email account under your own domain name includes the following information:

Email account name:
Email password: **********
Pop3 / Port: / 110
Smtp / Port: / 25
The information above is provided email providers from your email. If no messages on your television please contact your email provider to request to obtain the above information.

Then you log into gmail and on Settings to proceed with the installation

Continue select Accounts and Import tab

Then find the section Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) and click on Add a POP3 mail account you own to add new accounts pop3

Monitor window appears asking you to enter your email address and you need to add your email enter into this window and click Next Step to continue

Continues appearing window you fill out the information on the account, password and pop3 address into that window. Note the username with @ to enter, POP Server (POP3) format, Port: 110 and select the item Label check incoming messages for this account when adding Gmail will create a folder named info @ crviet .com and receive e-mail will go to this folder for easy management and click Add Account is similar to the figure below

Such as adding Email accounts under your own domain name succeeded now you can check your mail from your mail server directly within Gmail, and you want to look in your Gmail appears a local folder with your e-mail only, in this folder will store your email in it.

Add account to send email (SMTP) on Gmail
The above is part of the Gmail email instructions to download and view your emails directly on Gmail, and to use your email to send it where you need to send SMTP mail account from your email account. The steps are as follows:

You go to the Settings -> Accounts and Import and find the Send mail as click Add another email and address you own to add a new mail account

Window enter the account information to send mail that appears, you enter the name and email address and click Next Step to proceed to continue

Next you declare information mail SMTP account include:

SMTP Server:
Password: ********
Note that you go to Port 25 and check Unsecured connection check the option and then click Add Account to finish adding your email account. When you click Add Account, the last step of adding window will appear that you need to activate your account by sending an email to access your email account was added to get the activation code or click link click work is sent in an email account then you will be more successful.

Now you check mail adding his account has not write a new one by email, at the From when clicking you'll see it drop down a list of email has been added to e-mail, and you choose to use an e-mail to be sent.

These are instructions on how to add an email account under your own domain name to use Gmail and your email more adept with the tools availability of Gmail, the email sent to your mail is stored on Gmail help you reduce process too much e-mail storage on the server and privacy at the same time along with anti-spam modes are optimized from Gmail, avoided many cases when using Outlook Express every time the computer settings loss of mail and old information.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Add Your Gmail, Contacts, and Google Calendar to Your iPhone or iPad

With the current generation iPhone and Gmail is the trend most frequently used on Earth. If you are a person who is using the phone Iphone that you want to get all the email, contacts, and history are stored in your Gmail account that you want to add it to your iPhone, then it is easy for you.
Here would be the way that we want to recommend to you the way below to add Gmail to your Iphone.

 Add Gmail, your Contacts, and Calendar for iOS: When you add your Google account settings in iOS, it shows up in the iOS Mail, Contacts, and Calendar applications.

To be able to add your Gmail account on the iPhone, and the contacts and the calendar associated with that account,, First you click the "Settings" icon on your home screen as photos in Under.

On the Settings screen, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

The Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen lists all the Accounts you’ve already added to your phone. To add your Google account, tap “Add Account”.

On the Add Account screen, tap “Google”.

Enter your full Gmail address under “Enter your email” and then tap “Next”.

Enter the password for your Google account and tap “Next”.

The Gmail screen displays for your account listing the four iOS apps you can enable for your Google account. Mail is enabled by default, allowing you to check your Gmail account in the Mail app. (If you plan on downloading the official Gmail app, however, you can turn this off if you want, and just enable Contacts and Calendars.)

To sync the contacts from your Google account to your iPhone, tap the “Contacts” slider button.

The Contacts slider button turns green to indicate contacts from your Google account will be added to your phone. If you had already created some contacts on your phone before adding your Gmail account, a message displays asking you if you want to keep the existing local contacts on your phone or delete them. To keep these contacts, tap “Keep on My iPhone”. You may end up with duplicate contacts, though, so you may have to go delete some of the contacts that were stored on your iPhone.

To sync items from calendars in your Google account, tap the “Calendars” slider button so it turns green. Again, if you created calendar items on your phone before adding your Google account, a message displays asking if you want to keep those entries. Tap either “Keep on My iPhone” or “Delete”, just like you did for your contacts.

 You can also sync notes in the Notes app with your Gmail account, by tapping the “Notes” slider button. Once you’ve chosen the apps you want to enable for your Google account, tap “Save”.

 Your Google account now displays in the list of Accounts and the apps you chose to enable for that account are listed below the account name. However, you may want a more descriptive name than “Gmail” to label your account, especially if you plan to add other Gmail accounts to your phone. To change the name of your Google account, tap on the current account name.

Then, tap “Account” under Gmail.

 Tap in the “Description” field and type the description you want to use for this account. Then, tap “Done”.

The new name displays on your Google account in the list of Accounts.

Now, all your contacts from your Google account are available in the Contacts app.

Your calendar items from your Google account are available in the Calendar app.

And finally, the email from your Gmail account is available in the Mail app.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Gmail Tips and more efficient use of a laptop, PC

Gmail is Google's email service is quite familiar to the user, just sign up as soon as you've got gmail gmail account to send and receive email. This is the e-mail service is provided for free but highly secure, intuitive interface is quite easy to use. You can refer to the tips or use Gmail more effective below to apply as needed.

1. Search In Gmail
Gmail is Google's products - the No. 1 search engine today, so that it also integrates the specialized search functions: First, you need to log in gmail, then to search phrases, you type in the search box to find a structure or use the search more efficient:
- From: Search Entire Emails sent from this email address
- Is: unread: Show all unread email
- Has: attachment: Shows the Email with attachments
- In: sent abc: Show all email in the folder containing the abc sent
Or use a combination of these structures together:

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
When users log in gmail, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts for faster operation
- Press n or p: Switch between the dialogue in it, to want to see the line of conversation you press Enter.
- Ctrl + Enter: Send an Email
- Ctrl + Shift + C: Point to the box to add recipients Email CC
- You go to Settings, check the Keyboard Shortcuts on to activate and use the following keyboard shortcuts:
+ C: Compose a new email
+ D: Compose email in new tab
+ /: Place the cursor in the search box
+ S: Mark specially for selected Email
+ "+": Mark important for Email
Shortcuts in Gmail to help you make try to compose and send faster

3. Use the Interface tab in Gmail
Gmail has been integrated allowing you to use interface includes tabs in the tab inbox: Primary; Social; Promotions; Forum corresponds to the email sent to. Also you can customize this in the Settings tab.
For example: The email was sent from social networks Facebook, Twitter be included in the Social tab,.

4. Use button "Quick Action"
Quick Action buttons help you work faster when you want to see more online orders, ... by clicking the View Order or Track Package click to see orders for less. Alternatively, you can use to evaluate their restaurant that has to change information already placed orders,

5. Sort Email discretion

Usually the email in Gmail will be sorted in order of priority according to the time, the most recent email will be sent to stand in the top. You can change this by sorting on the login interface on the laptop, go to Settings -> Inbox. Then click on the down arrow in the inbox item type and optionally an arrangement of 4
- Important First: Sort by priority of importance of a
- First Unread: Sort by unread messages
- Starred First: sort by a star
- Priority Inbox: Sort the messages in the inbox,

Over here, we have to share with you these tips to use Gmail more efficiently, through this you will have more experience to use Gmail easier and more convenient than before. This guide us perform on a computer, laptop; you can also perform this operation on phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC, Sony, ... However, each phone line with other interfaces 1 bit, especially iPhone mobile phones.

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