Sunday, 24 April 2016

Google SMS service

And now you can send SMS messages from your Gmail account, you can send it directly to mobile phones. At the time of writing, it is available only for US phones. SMS is a Gmail Labs feature, and before you use it you need to activate.
Please click on the Settings link (top right), and scroll to the Labs tab. Then you will see "Text messages (SMS) in the Chat" (developed by Matt H. and Mark G.) way down the page to start moving. Select the Enable button and save the changes. Your Gmail account will be loaded again with Labs feature enabled.

Want to know how you can send SMS messages from Gmail?

 Actually this is a very simple step for you. Move your mouse cursor over a contact in the Chat window. Click the More (with an arrow pointing down to a little green) and you select the Send SMS. Now you enter a mobile phone number. The small chat window is given - you will find it in the lower right corner that you type SMS.
Please note that your contacts will be able to be charged for receiving SMS so I advise you not to go overboard.
SMS sent from Gmail chat will come from a 406 area code number (US). The recipient can use it to send a reply to it to be moved to the Gmail server so that it can go to your chat window. Send and receive messages from different contacts will use different 406 number. However, a message from a contact will always use the same number. This means that your contacts are assigned individual numbers and thus you can bookmark it in your phone.
The recipient can also choose to stop receiving SMS by answering Gmail with BLOCK from. If you decide not to receive messages via Gmail from any of your friends, you can reply with STOP.

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