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Check mail with Gmail own domain name instead of Outlook Express

Now you can replace the testing tool (check) usually used as Outlook Express mail in 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2003 or by using webmail pop3 and smtp settings directly on Google's Gmail service more professional with the ability rooms anti-spam, account security possible.

Add your own domain mail account to Gmail
First you need to have an email account under your own domain name includes the following information:

Email account name:
Email password: **********
Pop3 / Port: / 110
Smtp / Port: / 25
The information above is provided email providers from your email. If no messages on your television please contact your email provider to request to obtain the above information.

Then you log into gmail and on Settings to proceed with the installation

Continue select Accounts and Import tab

Then find the section Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) and click on Add a POP3 mail account you own to add new accounts pop3

Monitor window appears asking you to enter your email address and you need to add your email enter into this window and click Next Step to continue

Continues appearing window you fill out the information on the account, password and pop3 address into that window. Note the username with @ to enter, POP Server (POP3) format, Port: 110 and select the item Label check incoming messages for this account when adding Gmail will create a folder named info @ crviet .com and receive e-mail will go to this folder for easy management and click Add Account is similar to the figure below

Such as adding Email accounts under your own domain name succeeded now you can check your mail from your mail server directly within Gmail, and you want to look in your Gmail appears a local folder with your e-mail only, in this folder will store your email in it.

Add account to send email (SMTP) on Gmail
The above is part of the Gmail email instructions to download and view your emails directly on Gmail, and to use your email to send it where you need to send SMTP mail account from your email account. The steps are as follows:

You go to the Settings -> Accounts and Import and find the Send mail as click Add another email and address you own to add a new mail account

Window enter the account information to send mail that appears, you enter the name and email address and click Next Step to proceed to continue

Next you declare information mail SMTP account include:

SMTP Server:
Password: ********
Note that you go to Port 25 and check Unsecured connection check the option and then click Add Account to finish adding your email account. When you click Add Account, the last step of adding window will appear that you need to activate your account by sending an email to access your email account was added to get the activation code or click link click work is sent in an email account then you will be more successful.

Now you check mail adding his account has not write a new one by email, at the From when clicking you'll see it drop down a list of email has been added to e-mail, and you choose to use an e-mail to be sent.

These are instructions on how to add an email account under your own domain name to use Gmail and your email more adept with the tools availability of Gmail, the email sent to your mail is stored on Gmail help you reduce process too much e-mail storage on the server and privacy at the same time along with anti-spam modes are optimized from Gmail, avoided many cases when using Outlook Express every time the computer settings loss of mail and old information.

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