Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Timer send an email with Gmail in Google Chrome and Coc Coc

Email timer utilities particularly useful for people who want the email recipient to open at the right "golden hour" as business staff sent a letter to customers who want to receive a first customer of the day or you wish to schedule email to celebrate the birthday of the people but just writing emails in a time and self timer to gmail sent when critical. To do this, you first need to have a gmail account, if you have not then need to register a new Gmail can be used.

When writing an email, you do not want to send immediately but to put them a certain time to send in a certain time, the Right Inbox for Gmail on Google Chrome and Coc Coc can fully meet you, let's find out ons with us. If you do not use Chrome or Firefox Coc Coc that familiar with it can refer to the article scheduled to send email on our Firefox here.

Step 1: From Google Chrome you choose Setting

Step 2: Click Extensions ---> Get more extensions

Step 3: Enter the keyword "Right Inbox for Gmail" into the search box and click "+ FREE" to install the extensions on Google Chrome

Step 4: Here you click Add, and so on Right Inbox for Gmail gadget is installed on your Google Chrome browser

Step 5: You sign in your gmail, create an email with the content and who need to send. When it's on the books will appear more Send Later button, where you can set the time desired email

Thus the utility Right Inbox for Gmail on Google Chrome and Coc Coc, you absolutely can set time email, schedule easily send gmail. Good luck!


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