Friday, 27 May 2016

5 great Chrome extension that complements good Gmail

Below we will recommend to you under the extension Chrome 5 Great that it complements good Gmail.

These extensions will protect you, help you save time, make your life easier. Install every now and learn about them later. Believe me, you will love them!

There are some other Chrome extension for Gmail. Check back to see what they bring out next. Google Labs is always working on something, and Chrome and Gmail are two of their biggest products. There certainly will be more innovations in the future.

Activities for Gmail

interactive interface of Gmail forces you click or open an e-mail before you can do anything with it. That seems not too bad, but if you have to do that many times it can add up to a lot of time that could be used more effectively.

Activities for Gmail add a maximum of four action buttons next to each message in your Gmail interface.

This compact extended offer you the option of adding a maximum of 4 buttons - archive, delete, mark as spam, or marked as read / unread - next to each email in your Gmail inbox, allows you to take care of it with just a single click. The end result is a faster path to take care of your mail.

This extension saves you trouble, clicks, and confusion. Install it now.

Attachment icons for Gmail

We all know the little paperclip icon next to the email message. It will tell you that there is an attachment, but it will not tell you what type of attachment. So you've got to go to the trouble of opening every single e-mail so you can only see what the attachment, but you may not want to have a look at the files now both at particular times.

Gmail attachments for variable paper clips on various icons corresponding to different file types.

Attachment icons for Gmail turns paper clip into an icon corresponding to a specific file type, so you can learn quickly what the attachment. You can quickly determine when you brush attachments through Gmail and open the e-mail address that you want to download instantly. Some file formats it supports include ZIP, JPG, PDF, MS Word, among many others.

No one has time to penetrate into every email and look at what the attachment. For those who get a lot of attachments it just is not acceptable. If you work in the media or advertising, or some other areas where you are sending multiple attachments, this expansion is a lifesaver.

Checker Plus for Gmail

expand widely used that will help you handle email that never went into Gmail. It sits in your browser as a small button with an indicator of unread messages. Just click on it for a small window that allows you to get a peep at each new message, including the sender's picture and the first line of the message. You can then open, mark as read, or trash the right message in the interface. It saves you a lot of trouble and difficulties. If you hate to go to Gmail, then this is the extension for you.

Checker Plus allows you to take care of the email without ever going into Gmail.

If you are too busy browsing to consider the counter goes up, Checker Plus also informed on the desktop include a pop-up, a warning sound, or voice notifications.

Secure mail for Gmail

Security is a very precious commodity, and it is lacking in today's surveillance society. With all companies track you on the web and your own government data collected in large numbers, people are more interested than ever in an extension can encrypt their email.

If you frequently send important documents in Gmail, you've got to get this extension. It encrypts and decrypts the message to people you send it to is the only one that saw the text message. Just click the secure lock icon next to Mail file with Gmail's compose button and then type it out and think of a password for it. To decrypt the message, the recipient is notified will have to obtain a safety extensions, as well as a password.

Safety Mai l ensure only the recipient can decrypt the contents of the email message.

Basically, it is an extension to message security, encryption via Gmail. You do not want people snooping on your email if it is especially sensitive data. This is to ensure that others will not be peeking in on your important email.

It all happens right on your computer, and the unencrypted text will never be sent to Google. This is useful if you do not want anyone but the intended target never read your email (eg, companies, government, etc.).

KeyRocket for Gmail

Gmail has a lot of shortcuts to improve your productivity. However, keeping up with them all the difficulties and try to remember we are just going to slow you down.

KeyRocket for Gmail will help you learn the shortcut by tracking the movement of your keyboard and offers suggestions for each shortcut key combination of mouse actions. If you use it enough, you'll have a pretty fast typing master!

KeyRocket for Gmail is the fastest easiest way to learn the shortcuts to Gmail. Basically, it lets you know when you should use a keyboard shortcut instead.

Gmail has a number of keyboard shortcuts, and it's just hard to keep up with it all. KeyRocket help you learn them as you go.

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