Sunday, 8 May 2016

Gmail Tips and more efficient use of a laptop, PC

Gmail is Google's email service is quite familiar to the user, just sign up as soon as you've got gmail gmail account to send and receive email. This is the e-mail service is provided for free but highly secure, intuitive interface is quite easy to use. You can refer to the tips or use Gmail more effective below to apply as needed.

1. Search In Gmail
Gmail is Google's products - the No. 1 search engine today, so that it also integrates the specialized search functions: First, you need to log in gmail, then to search phrases, you type in the search box to find a structure or use the search more efficient:
- From: Search Entire Emails sent from this email address
- Is: unread: Show all unread email
- Has: attachment: Shows the Email with attachments
- In: sent abc: Show all email in the folder containing the abc sent
Or use a combination of these structures together:

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
When users log in gmail, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts for faster operation
- Press n or p: Switch between the dialogue in it, to want to see the line of conversation you press Enter.
- Ctrl + Enter: Send an Email
- Ctrl + Shift + C: Point to the box to add recipients Email CC
- You go to Settings, check the Keyboard Shortcuts on to activate and use the following keyboard shortcuts:
+ C: Compose a new email
+ D: Compose email in new tab
+ /: Place the cursor in the search box
+ S: Mark specially for selected Email
+ "+": Mark important for Email
Shortcuts in Gmail to help you make try to compose and send faster

3. Use the Interface tab in Gmail
Gmail has been integrated allowing you to use interface includes tabs in the tab inbox: Primary; Social; Promotions; Forum corresponds to the email sent to. Also you can customize this in the Settings tab.
For example: The email was sent from social networks Facebook, Twitter be included in the Social tab,.

4. Use button "Quick Action"
Quick Action buttons help you work faster when you want to see more online orders, ... by clicking the View Order or Track Package click to see orders for less. Alternatively, you can use to evaluate their restaurant that has to change information already placed orders,

5. Sort Email discretion

Usually the email in Gmail will be sorted in order of priority according to the time, the most recent email will be sent to stand in the top. You can change this by sorting on the login interface on the laptop, go to Settings -> Inbox. Then click on the down arrow in the inbox item type and optionally an arrangement of 4
- Important First: Sort by priority of importance of a
- First Unread: Sort by unread messages
- Starred First: sort by a star
- Priority Inbox: Sort the messages in the inbox,

Over here, we have to share with you these tips to use Gmail more efficiently, through this you will have more experience to use Gmail easier and more convenient than before. This guide us perform on a computer, laptop; you can also perform this operation on phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, HTC, Sony, ... However, each phone line with other interfaces 1 bit, especially iPhone mobile phones.

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